Monday, May 30, 2022


If you were wondering why the bulk of the people of Barbados distrust their local attorneys, here's a typical case that will explain it. As you know, we are engaged in publishing a series of articles detailing how Bajans have been systematically defrauded of their real estate inheritance through a variety of schemes that have exploited their lack of knowledge about their legal rights and remedies by unscrupulous, greedy attorneys, who steal their land, often in coordination with corrupt officials and law enforcement officers.

All this information was taken from  a Statement of Witness filed with the Royal Barbados Police Force. The elderly victim is the heir to several lots owned by his family in Checker Hall Plantation House and Fustic Plantation House, passed down for generations. He needed legal assistance to attempt to recover those properties, which originally belonged to his grandmother. Corrupt lawyers in Barbados often detach real estate from a probate proceeding, then proceed to steal it from the rightful heirs,  destroying land documents and records to accomplish that criminal end.

The victim engaged the professional services of  self-described (but not licensed) attorney WINSTON DECOURCEY CLARKE; he had to render payments in installments, due to his limited means. Clarke then asked him for additional money, purportedly to cover the costs of running a legal advertisement in the newspapers, which he advised was required. The victim has receipts and acknowledgements, attesting to his payments. We have no record of Clarke being admitted to the practise of law; how did the BBA permit this ?

Time passed, and the ad never appeared. Clarke then, after being repeatedly contacted by the victim, reported to insults, threats and harassment, all designed to deter the victim from taking any action against him. The reason that we have not identified him is due to the risk that he will be physically harmed by Clarke, or his associates, or a criminal element acting upon the fraudster's orders and instructions. He could lose his life over the dispute. He shall remain anonymous for his own safety.

 The criminal complaint followed, although given the rampant corruption within the police, it is doubtful that he will ever see his money refunded. This is one of a large number of similar cases that have been reported to us, during our ongoing investigation, and which demonstrates that unethical lawyers in Barbados undertake to represent clients, neglect the matter entrusted to them, and keep the fees, knowing that they will not be held to account for their actions. The Bar Association is a joke.

If you thought that this individual was honest, local newspapers report that Clarke passed counterfeit currency in Barbados, for which criminal charges were filed. He deserves incarceration, and disbarment, forthwith. One more rotten apple amongst Barbados sorry' legal profession. 

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