Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Whilst the countries of the European Union, especially Italy, France and Spain, reacting to Russia's criminal invasion of the Ukraine, have expelled dozens of Russian intelligence agents (i.e. Spies) from their territory, the Republic of Malta, whose government is pointedly ignoring the dangers, has thus far refused to follow suit. The Russian Embassy, which is a known base of operation for Russian spies, operating within the embassy under Official Cover, meaning titles that disguise and conceal their true purpose, serves as a jumping off point for Russian intelligence operations within the EU.

We know the reason for Maltese government inaction; the lucrative IIM (Citizenship by Investment) passport sales programme, which sells passports with Schengen zone visa-free access, draws a large percentage of its clients from Russia, and the government does not want to kill the financial Golden Goose that results lucrative fees, as well as spinoff business, which is handled by financial service companies closely associated with Prime Minister Abel's corrupt Labour Party.

Therefore, we have a large number of Russian agents freely operating within the EU, based in Malta, during a time of war in Europe, with the tacit approval of the Abela government, aiding and abetting Putin's espionage programme, targeting the Members of the European Union. How long will this be permitted to go on, until Russian agents target and destroy weapons and munitions shipments transiting the region ?

 The people of Malta need to choose which side they are on; that of the democracies of the European union, or of the autocratic regime of  former Russian spy Vladimir Putin. Time's up, Malta.

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