Saturday, May 28, 2022


IOSIF GALEA, an accused Maltese money launderer linked to the dodgy (but legal) gaming industry, who was recently arrested on a German warrant when he left Malta, and arrived in Italy has been there subject of much speculation about the level of corruption in Malta's Police, but there's a darker side to this scandal. His known relationship with accused Daphne assassination suspect, businessman Yorgen Fenech, is only part of the story.

Galea, a gambling industry consultant who apparently enjoyed the proverbial "hands-off" status that Maltese Mafia crew members enjoy, courtesy their masters in the ruling Labour Party, meaning that he could not be arrested, and if arrest was imminent, he was to be tipped off to allow him to leave town, is also linked to Malta's Prime Minister, ROBERT ABELA, who claimed to be a former employment attorney, in truth and in fact was actually a criminal defense lawyer for organized crime leaders. 

Abela, who has not been seen in public since Galea's arrest, was allegedly reportedly behind the strange issuance of a belated arrest warrant out of Malta AFTER Galea was in custody in Italy, is reportedly linked to the accused money launderer, as an adviser on criminal law matters. The connection was initiated through former Malta PM Joseph Muscat, according to a whistleblower inside Pl, but we are unable thus far to independently confirm that particular detail.

Galea with John Dalli and Silvio Zammit

Once Galea is extradited to Germany, we shall be closely monitoring the case, for if the defendant chooses to cooperate with the authorities, in exchange for a reduced sentence, he may name and implicate senior Maltese government officials, which presents an existential challenge for the country's Attorney General, who is known to be under the control of senior PL leaders. Who will fall from grace, due to Galea's testimony ? We cannot say, but we will be watching. 

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