Tuesday, May 3, 2022


British Virgin Islands premier, Andrew Fahie, in custody in Miami and facing a probable long prison sentence in the United States, has reportedly reached out, through his representative, to reduce the time he will have to spend incarcerated, by becoming a Cooperating Individual for American law enforcement. He is engaged in this activity, notwithstanding his public statement protesting his innocence, and alleging that he was framed by agents of the United Kingdom, assisted by the United States.

His position is most likely untenable. Court Filings in the case state that there are video and audio recordings to prove up the Government's case, although some documents may be sealed by the Court, so as not to alert the additional leaders he identifies as new targets, to prevent them from flight to avoid arrest and prosecution.

Fahie has passed along the message that he has evidence and information that implicates certain other unidentified East Caribbean leaders, and that he wishes to offer such Substantial Assistance, in order to qualify for a reduced sentence, receiving a 5K1.1 Downward Departure below the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. He could also receive an additional sentence reduction, pursuant to Rule 35(b).There have been no court filings yet to confirm these reports; readers should look for a change of plea, to guilty, which generally indicates that such arrangement exists, and has been accepted by the United States attorney in Miami. 

 He has not identified which Caribbean leaders he intends to testify against, but an address he gave on March 14, 2019, during an OECS Authority address, in Guadeloupe, may provide a clue; 

"And I am pleased to see here today, the Prime Minister of Dominica, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, one of our modern-day champions for regional unity.

I have known Prime Minister Skerrit for a long time, when we were as younger men, both Ministers of Education in our respective territories."

We will continue to monitor the Fahie case, and update our readers on a developments as they occur. Fahie's hearing on whether he will be held in pretrial detention is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, May 4th.

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