Friday, May 13, 2022


As expected, an indictment against the former Chief Minister of the British Virgin Islands, ANDREW FAHIE has appeared, in the corruption and money laundering case against him and two co-defendants. Fahie lost his position after being arrested, amidst the release of an extensive  UK-sponsored report detailing massive corruption in the British Overseas Territory notorious for being the jurisdiction of choice for those who wish to conceal Beneficial Ownership.

They three-count indictment charged:

(1) Conspiracy to Import a Controlled Substance [Cocaine], a possible Life in Prison as the max penalty.

(2) Conspiracy to Engage in Money Laundering. 20 Years maximum.

(3) Attempted Money Laundering. 20 years maximum.

The case has stirred up a bit of legal controversy, after Fahie's attorney moved to dismiss the appeal of the US Attorney's Office of a court ruling approving bond conditions. Apparently, there has been a delay in obtaining a transcript of the bond hearing, and defense counsel is seeking a prompt resolution of the issue, asserting her client's rights are being infringed; the prosecutor is disputing her right to take such action.

Rumours of Fahie seeking to cooperate, by naming other corrupt East Caribbean leaders, and their illegal acts, have roiled the usual calm demeanor of senior governmental officials in the region, indicating that the level of local corruption is even more widespread than was previously thought. The fact that the United States has focused upon corruption as a matter of national policy in 2021 has not been lost on Caribbean leaders, who previously appeared to have been mainly ignored by the US, whilst many lined their pockets with there proceeds of bribery and kickback crimes. 


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