Tuesday, May 24, 2022


The Maltese Mafia rules

The recent arrest of Yorgen Fenech associate NICOLAS CACHIA in Sicily, on an arrest warrant from France, reciting charges that he is associated with a horse doping ring known to involve 26 participants,  is significant. French authorities wisely waited until Cachia was outside Malta before requesting that he be detained. What does that tell you ?

The failure of the Government of France to seek assistance from Malta's Attorney General, and the head of the Malta Police, regarding the arrest of Cachia, is a clear indication that they know these corrupt officials, who take orders not just from Labour Party leaders, but prominent businessmen who pay for advance notice of police and prosecutorial action,  would tip the target off in advance to allow him to escape, and evade justice.

That is how Europe regards Malta; a small, corrupt, untrustworthy country where organized crime always trumps the law, and where nobody linked to the power structure is held accountable stable for their criminal activity, ever. No wonder there are well-placed fears that ALL Maltese passport holders, arriving on flights abroad, may soon find that they are regarded as high-risk visitors, who require considerable scrutiny by customs & immigration officers, before being admitted, as possible members of Malta's Mafia, organized crime.

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