Monday, May 9, 2022



We are wondering whether certain present and former government officials in the East Caribbean are conferring with their attorneys, and making urgent travel plans for countries where there is no extradition to the US, as we are advised that the cooperation of former BVI Premier Andrew Fahie, reportedly still in custody, has entered the next phase of his assistance.

This means that Fahie has actually named and shamed Caribbean government leaders and former leaders to US law enforcement, amd identified their specific criminal activity, which is required for him to move forward with establishing his Substantial Assistance, which is necessary for the US Attorney to advise the Court to depart below the Guidelines, when ultimately imposing his sentence.

We are troubled by  a number of statements originating from the British Virgin Islands, from Fahie's supporters, again claiming diplomatic immunity, his innocence, and entrapment, on his behalf. It appears that they are blinded by the truth, and will certainly be shocked when Fahie's cooperation with law enforcement, and his guilty plea, become public. Whilst there is a presumption of innocence, one look at the Government's evidence, as revealed in the affidavit of the arresting officer, tells you what the outcome will be.

We note that Caribbean media, even in countries not associated with rampant corruption, has recorded a level of concern amongst local government leaders, which raises the question : just how extensive is Fahie's personal knowledge of other caribbean leaders' involvement in money laundering, corruption and facilitation of US-bound drug shipments ?

Our monitoring of all developments in what has become known here as the BVI cocaine case continues.

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