Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Friday, November 2, 2018


Richard Chichakli has responded to the filing, by the US Government, in objection to his request for Early Termination of his Supervised Release. He has completed more than one year of the two year Supervised Release imposed by the Court as a part of his sentence.Defendants often petition for early termination after one-half or more of their Supervised Release has occurred, stating that the Court really has no compelling interest in continuing to monitor their activity, for there is a very small chance that they will commit another crime; Statistics confirm this to be true.

Mr. Chichakli argued:

(1) His post-release conduct has been both exceptional and extraordinary.
(2) The Executive Order that was the basis for his criminal charge has been revoked.
(3) He paid the Court-ordered Restitution early, and in full.
(4) The position of the prosecutor in opposing his petition is groundless, hateful, and part
of a personal vendetta.

The "Diesel Therapy" that was inflicted upon him should have been the basis for an Inspector General inquiry of the Department of Justice. It intentionally interfered with his ability to conduct his appeal. Whatever you may think of his conduct with Viktor Bout, he was targeted by individuals at the Department of Justice, and treated badly.

He has requested a hearing upon his petition, as provided in the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. He has paid his debt to society, and it is high time for the Department of Justice to agree to allow the last 6 months of his Supervised Release to be terminated early.

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