Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Sunday, November 11, 2018


This blog regularly attaches original documents to our stories for a purpose; always look at the source of the information, to get a precise interpretation of the facts. Not that I am unhappy with the compliance press, but to be honest, they are typically journalists who have never been compliance officers, and as such do not have the perspective necessary to explain what the impact is of a specific story to compliance. That is why they need to look at the actual material yourself, to fully appreciate what it means to them.

if you have never been a compliance officer, facing deadlines, pressure to perform from clients and management, delays in obtaining necessary information from abroad, you do not understand the particular need for specific solutions, in real-time, that compliance staff have. They need attention to detail, not general statements. Hence the need for all the material.

We make it a point to either append the document to the article, or to create a hyperlink to the article, rather than to excessively quote from the text, as many journalists are prone to do, because one does not want to omit something that others might find not only important, but critical to the understanding of the messenger. Therefore, we direct you to the original material whenever it is available to us.

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