Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Since events in North Korea are focusing world attention on that rogue nation, perhaps this is the time to ask the question: why is there no mainstream media coverage of the relationship between the DPRK (North Korea) and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela ? Since Hugo Chavez took office in 1999, I have not seen one article in the Western press, discussing this issue.

I can only assume that the information in the hands of the United States, and other NATO powers, has been classified. Nevertheless, my own sources have reported a number of extremely disturbing facts over the years, and I have relayed at least some of them to my readers. Perhaps it is time to put them all together, so that you can see why I am so concerned.

(1) Venezuela and North Korea have had an ongoing relationship for at least a decade. That is evident from the facts detailed below.

(2) North Korean army officers have been observed at Venezuelan military facilities. One source, who was an eyewitness, disclosed that these individuals were wearing uniforms, but not of the DPRK. He insisted that they were dressed in Chinese Peoples' Liberation Army (PLA) uniforms, and his military background would support the fact that he knows what PLA uniforms look like. If these are military liaisons, what is their purpose in Venezuela ?

(3) North Koreans have long been assisting Venezuela in the development of its ballistic missile programme. A huge container,  seen arriving from North Korea, was large enough to contain missile components; it was strictly off-limits to Venezuelans whilst in transit. Are there North Korean missiles in the newly-completed Venezuelan facility at Paraguana that was reportedly built by an Iranian contractor ?

(4) A senior Venezuelan PEP made six trips to North Korea, and when I exposed this fact, he went so far as to publicly deny that he had made any of them, by taking space in a Caracas newspaper. Why did he bother to respond to allegations made in the United States ?

There is no question that there is some sort of relationship between the two countries, and it must revolve around the purchase of weapons manufactured by the DPRK. What I do not know is whether North Korea is a beneficiary of the  Venezuelan-mined Uranium currently being quietly shipped to Iran.

DPRK bringing down the US Capitol



  1. Why isn't that ballistic missile program being developed in Cuba?...they have taken everything else from Venezuela!
    Cuba is in total control of Venezuela & it uses it as cannon fodder in its imaginery struggle against the "empire"

  2. Let there be absolutely no more aid of any sort for North Korea. Let Kim Jong Uy eat his friend Dennis Rodman!

  3. Venezuela is to be toripollo's cachito in the side of the USA. At civilian airspeed, Caracasis a three hour and thirty minute flight to Miami international. A team of jihadists with a small suitcases full of Venezuelan uranium is thus hours away from the busiest airports in North America, and the nearby urban centers. They don't even need explosives, they could just quietly traipse along dropping a constant stream of highly radioactive nano-pulverized dust mixed with a carrier substance on the floor, pedestrians inhaleit, it gets in HVAC systems and on clothes, luggage...they don't even need missiles. They could wait, spread it around the urban centers quietly...do we want this scenario to happen while we negligently ponder Kim Kardashian's anatomy?


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