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What, me Worry ?  by COSIMO

Conservative estimates set the amount of bribes and kickbacks allegedly received by Malta's Labour Party at slightly over €200,000m, with the lion's share allegedly going into the pockets of  defrocked former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. What do corrupt politicians do with all that illicit wealth ? Do they bank it, and risk total loss if a subsequent criminal investigation freezes balances, or do they wisely invest it ? Those kind of bank balances have a habit of drawing attention from staff, even inside an institution  that considers itself engaged in private banking. 

Remember that secret Malta Mafia meeting, held covertly in a Chinese restaurant in Gozo last year? We had an inside source in the restaurant who reported that Joseph Muscat, together with a number of his PL crew, met with a corrupt, dodgy businessman about illicit matters the two of them were brewing up.Controversial Dwejra Coast Development discussed at Muscat's Private Gozo Gangland Party .

We will now identify the businessman, with close ties to JM as Gozo resident JOSEPH PORTELLI. This is relevant, due to the news this week that Portelli has purchased, for a reputed €100m,  a private island in Montenegro. Known as St. Mark's Island, or Sveti Marko, the property is located in the Bay of Tivat, and comprises 540,000 square metres. 

The seller is listed as a Russian company named METROPOL; J. Portelli Projects, the listed purchaser, will not confirm either the sale, or whether it is acting as a frontman for Muscat. The island is undeveloped. which raises the issue: is it to be a tourist destination, or a fortified headquarters to protect Muscat after he leaves Malta permanently ? Remember, Montenegro, not an EU member, is where the wind project began.

Sr. Portelli, what's the story ? Do you want to spend 20 years in prison, or can you tell us the truth?

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