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Sunday, June 5, 2022


JM Driving Hard at his Entourage by COSIMO

If you seriously thought that the two Malta Police officers who consistently travel abroad on"holidays" with Joseph and Michelle Muscat are there because they are part of the Muscat social circle, you are naive about financial crime. The Muscat family uses the police to shield their entourage, which is known to be a cover for the transport of cash and financial instruments being laundered for Joseph Muscat. Iosif Galea is deeply involved in all levels.

Remember, one of the police officers, AMANDA XUEREB, is seconded to the Malta Security Service. MSS, known to be the personal fiefdom of Muscat former Chief of Staff Keith Schembri, operates as a type of secret police, without any oversight or external control; its agents can pasS through any international checkpoint in or out of Malta, free from customs inspection or search. No better protection exists for Muscat, as his group of the Usual Suspects exist Malta. 

You know JM is still engaged in secreting his ill-gotten gains abroad; these officers, whose travel and accommodations are fully paid by Muscat, enjoy repeated holidays abroad, don't have to be present in Malta for work (why is that ??) and get paid off the books.

One additional note; the second officer, MANUEL VASSALLO,  is now working as a security guard at the American Embassy; do his duties there include noting which Maltese nationals visit, to perhaps act as whistleblowers about crime and official corruption ? Should he therefore not continue to be a security guard ? How is he assisting JM and the Labour Party, by reporting on Embassy traffic ? What's wrong with this picture ?

The Iosif Galea scandal is one bloody mess; How many times was Galea bulk cash smuggling for Muscat, with police protecting him in transit ? And what about MMs Personal Assistant, his paramour ? Is she also carrying cash of documents ? These questions deserve answers. 


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