Monday, June 20, 2022



If you thought that the predatory lawyers, preying upon ordinary Bajans seeking to obtained their rightful inheritance during probate (estate) proceedings,  are the worst bad actors in Barbados, meet the local banks and bankers. Victims surveyed uniformly complain about illegal, unethical, and unrestrained criminal acts perpetrated upon them by the country's banks and senior bankers.

Whilst we intend to detail several of the specific fact patterns for our readers, think for a minute about these accusations and allegations which have already reached our desk during the ongoing investigation:

(1) Expats who return home to Barbados to find out, to their utter dismay, that their accounts have been closed, and the bank very uncooperative about their enquiries.

(2) Allegations that the bankers are colluding with the predatory lawyers to steal real estate from Bajans.

(3) Specific accusations levied against the local branches (or subsidiaries) of Canadian banks, allegedly taking money from depositors. The theft of accounts, by Caribbean banks, of their narcotics trafficking clients, upon their arrest in the United State or Europe, is a well-known tactic in the region, but we are talking about legitimate, honest, hard-working individuals, not drug kingpins.

(4) Links between Bajan banks and career money launderers, who turn out to be among the largest depositors at certain banks.

This is but a taste of where we are going; stay tuned.

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