Tuesday, June 21, 2022


We note that there has been no meaningful action from the Barbados Bar Association in response to our articles directing the BBA to clients' allegation of systemic corruption, including but not limited to, land fraud on a massive scale. Media reports in Barbados report that the BBA admitted that Bajan law does not require disbarment for felony convictions, but that the organisation would support passage of such a law. There was absolutely no statement regarding the widespread victim allegations, and what the BBA intended to do in response.

Therefore, we believe that it is high time for Bajan victims to take action to enforce their rights, and the law. They would be well advised to bring civil suits against the specific lawyers who stole their family properties, not just for their crimes, but for utterly failing in their professional duties towards their clients.

Second, those attorneys are guilty of Dereliction of Duty, as they failed to discharge their sworn responsibilities to their clients; they were required to properly, and even zealously, represent their clients in the matters entrusted to them. They not only failed, they literally stole the properties that their clients were counting upon them to deliver.

Again, since the lawyers cheated the very clients they were duty bound to serve, and instead served their own greed, as well as those of their allies in the Power Elite, the criminal conspiracy that runs Barbados with an iron hand.  Given that the BBA is refusing to act, and in truth and in fact has a long and dark history of covering up the crimes of its members, the victims must now assert their right in a court of competent jurisdiction, and elsewhere, if and as necessary.

Wake up, Barbados. Call your predatory attorneys to account for their sins. Sue the B**tards.

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