Thursday, June 16, 2022


Our goal is to pursue those corrupt Bajan attorneys and government officials who have abused the legal system to steal valuable real estate from its owners, who either own, or are inheriting, their family land, through fraud and deception. Whilst it is obvious that no justice can be had in Barbados court system itself, due to rampant corruption, there are other venues in which we can seek relief abroad.

Obviously, Barbados' corrupt court system, with its predatory attorney class, only interested in feathering its own nest, is not the appropriate place to seek relief. You simply cannot win at home.

Any readers who can show that they are victims of real estate fraud, involving their family real estate holdings, and can show that their family originally owned property since taken from them through criminal action, are welcome to join in our quest for monetary compensation, in the courts outside Barbados. We welcome you on board the train for justice.

We need to hear from you; if you have suffered the loss of family real estate, either through loss during probate (estate) proceedings, or through fraud or deception, email us at: 

It is understood that many victims fear being identified to the prominent lawyers and officials who stole from them. Your identity will not appear on this blog or anywhere else. We shall explain how we intend to secure attorneys outside of Barbados to bring civil actions to recover the value of the property that you have lost. If you qualify, you are free to join us in taking a bite out of those who took that which rightfully belongs to you.  

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