Friday, June 3, 2022


Muscat Silencing Robert  by COSIMO

The fallout from the Iosif Galea scandal continues to plague Malta's corrupt Labour Party. One of our reliable sources advises that the fear that Galea, in an effort to secure a short prison sentence, will cooperate with investigators from a third country, who are believed to be waiting to interview him in a German prison cell.

Gaming, specifically the online gaming industry, is a major component of Malta's business structure; the sector employs a large segment of the country's online techs. Should it become public knowledge that Gaming in Malta is really a destination for money laundering operations, foreign betters may steer clear of maltese gaming sites, causing them to become insolvent, due to the high overhead of Maltese brick-and-mortar offices.

Iosif is an expert in setting up remote gaming structures, with an associate Maltese financial services provider.

The other major concern gaming operators have is that Galea may, in desperation, reveal precisely how online gaming software has been altered to greatly restrict winnings of players. In plain English, Maltese gaming cheats its customers; rather than offer them a real opportunity to cash in, it artificially fakes the winnings; it violates the Law of Averages. If Galea reveals this closely-held secret to investigators, it is sure to eventually leak out to the European Press, which will trumpet the story, driving Euro-betters away from Malta in droves.

 He worked with IT experts to manipulate the gaming algorithms. He has insiders within the Malta Gaming Authority, who gave him advance warning of gaming audits.He was always two steps ahead of the regulators. The defendant JASON FARRUGIA worked for Galea.

In the political side, the money laundering aspect of Galea's relationship with Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri is striking fear into Labourites, up and down the chain of command. Will Muscat et al be charged in Germany, after all ? If so, they cannot play the patriotism/colonialism card, as they are want to do with the United States, and they will face justice. Muscat might want to brush up on his German.



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