The Laundry Man by Kenneth Rijock ( Penguin/Random House UK)

Wednesday, June 29, 2022


                                                             Premier;" Don't watch the video, people."

The Premier of the British Virgin Islands publicly panned the release of the documentary Police in Paradise,  which showed that drug smuggling and violent homicides are now everyday events in the BVI, due to the use of the islands by narcotics smugglers, transiting the area, en route to the United States. The situation was spotlighted recently in the drug and money laundering arrests of then-Premier Andrew Fahie, and two other BVI citizens. The case have given the BVI a black eye abroad. Will it scare people off ?

The Premier was not wrong, when he remarked that both tourism, and the islands' sacred cow, BVI companies, both are affected by any negative news that comes out of Tortola. We wish to share that documentary with our readers; we caution you that it features violent gunfights amongst alleged narcotics traffickers, as well as maritime smuggling interdictions.

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