Wednesday, June 15, 2022


Malta's online gaming industry is a shambles this week, after the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), reeling after major arrests, ordered that all gaming license applications handled by gaming "consultant;" IOSIF GALEA, be reexamined, and applications already approved be investigated anew. Whether this will drive gaming companies from Malta is a distinct possibility.

This scandal broke after this blog disclosed that Galea, who was arrested in italy on a German warrant, was the longtime paramour of Michelle Muscat's personal assistant. Maltese media either did not have that important information, or was afraid to print it due to the power of disgraced former Malta Prime Minister, JOSEPH MUSCAT, who allegedly used galea to launder the proceeds of crime, being bribes and kickbacks he received whilst PM. Witnesses have repeatedly seen Galea and Muscat vacationing together abroad.

Galea was allegedly paying MGA leaders bribes to approve his gaming license applicants, after receiving large sums from his clients to guarantee a successful application process. He is allegedly linked to money laundering operations through gaming entities, and is also alleged to have laundered bribes received by KS and EZL, when they held public office in Malta.

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