Thursday, June 2, 2022


The Power behind the Throne  by COSIMO 

Readers of this blog have acknowledged that we were one hundred percent correct in our early analysis of Joseph Muscat's central role in the Iosif Galea gaming money laundering scandal. We were first to link Galea to his wife's personal assistant, and to connect up Galea's widespread laundering activities to the Muscat family. Our sources were eminently correct, in corroborating intelligence we received from outside Malta. 

Simply put, there is absolutely no doubt now that Joseph Muscat may be out of office, but he still dominates every aspect of Maltese political life. It was Muscat that arranged the "sweetheart" deal whereby Iosif Galea was able to not only stay out of a Maltese prison, but was able to leave Malta at will. Of course, the fact that Galea was part and parcel of Muscat's entourage didn't hurt when he exited the country repeatedly. Angry fingers are pointing at JM, and they are not happy about his role.

Observers of the Maltese political scene have confirmed that this story is so much bigger than it appears to be. When the two senior ranking leaders of the police not only did Muscat's bidding, they blamed his illegal release on a minor official, who will now take the blame, and the heat, for police corruption at the highest level.

Our confirmation, regarding the fact that Iosif was the go-to guy on tailor-made money laundering schemes, using remote gaming as the chosen platform, was accurate. In addition to JM,  we can confirm that Keith Schembri was also using Iosif's criminal scheme, too. Both JM and RA are reportedly extremely worried about how the Galea scandal could play out, as Iosif could implicate them both in the German case, and there would be no way to cover it up. will German law enforcement actually be the straw that breaks JM's back ? Stay tuned.

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