Sunday, September 16, 2018


closeup of "warehouses"
Look at these photographs; they are overhead shots, taken at the Damascus Airport's cargo area, and depicts what appear to be DHL and United Nations storage facilities. The problem is: the warehouses are under Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps control, and contain weapons, missiles and munitions en route to Syria. An Israeli missile strike hit these warehouses, as well as an Iranian B747-200 freighter carrying weapons being shipped to Syria. Note that the color schemes associated with both DHL and the UN also appear on the roofs as their facilities. Did DHL and the UN facilitate this illegal storage ?

high altitude photograph Damascus Airport

If Iran will go to such lengths to deceive us as to the true nature of these storage facilities, we must assume that it acts accordingly in other schemes and efforts at deception and disinformation, including the use of other non-military civilian foreign corporate entities for military use. Compliance officers whose customers are still doing business with Iranian entities that purport to be civilian, non-military owned and controlled should reevaluate risk levels, and consider terminating either the client, or his Iranian business, forthwith.
* We have previously exposed the two specially-modified B747s, which take a circuitous route, Tehran-Damascus-Beirut, to ship missile components, and Iranian troops, into Lebanon, for the benefit of Hezbollah.

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