Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Mehul Choksi a/k/a Jabba the Hutt
Rather than voluntarily returning home to his native India, to face justice in his pending billion dollar fraud case Mehul "CBI" Choksi  (so named because of his CBI Antigua passport, obtained when he was already known to have been involved in criminal activity) instead is seeking to have his non-bailable arrest warrant cancelled, to remove the threat of extradition to India.

His grounds are that he fears his life will be in danger, should he be returned to India, from not only other detained inmates, but from his victims, whom he alleges have threatened his life on television and radio, ostensibly to send a message to deter future potential fraudsters and scammers.

His argument fails miserably; the Government of India should not give Choksi a free pass for his crimes, simply because he might be in danger while held in custody. The rights of his victims to justice trump any possible phantom concerns that Choksi might have for his safety. How does solitary confinement, pending trial sound, Mr. Choksi ?

Gaston Browne, Antigua's Godfather
Actually, we have the sovereign Government of Antigua & Barbuda to thank for all this nonsense. Choksi was given a CBI passport, when even the most inexperienced compliance officer performing due diligence would have found his suspicious activities online. Antigua's dilatory conduct, in denying India their most wanted fugitive, so that it can bleed him of his illicit wealth, is just one more illustration of the actions of a morally bankrupt government, led by its dodgy Prime Minister, Gaston Browne. He, of all people, is responsible for protecting Choksi by giving him his Antigua CBI passport, and indefinitely delaying his extradition proceedings.   

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