Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Leroy King, the last major player not yet tried in the Stanford International Bank billion dollar Ponzi scheme In the US, has lost his latest appeal of an extradition order filed in Antigua.. The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court has rendered a decision adverse to King, who, as Antigua's banking regulator, allegedly conspired with convicted Ponzi schemer R Allen Stanford, to hide the true nature of Stanford International Bank's criminal activities from US regulators.

Leroy King and Allen Stanford
King's extradition request, filed by the United States, has been pending since 2009. His multiple appeals, judged by many legal observers to be dilatory and without any merit, have been curiously allowed by the courts, giving rise to allegations of systemic governmental interference with the process, reportedly due to allegations of his personal knowledge of facts involving other, as yet uncharged, Antiguans who accepted massive bribes and kickbacks from Stanford, who is now serving what amounts to a life sentence in an American prison.

Attorney David Dorsett

The fact that King's attorney, David Dorsett, also represents Mehul "CBI" Choksi, the Indian bilionaire fugitive who is also fighting extradition, has led many to question whether any major criminal defendant can ever be extradited from Antigua, where the Rule of Law seems to repeatedly been ignored by courts that allow fugitives to file repeated frivolous appeals, and where the same attorneys seems to be consistently successful. when the law and the facts are against their clients. 

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