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Saturday, July 31, 2021




                                                How many dead ? by COSIMO

 The most dangerous man in the Republic of Malta is NOT Joseph Muscat, nor is it any of the Maltese Mafiosi hitmen. It is ALEXANDER DALLI, Lt. Col. Armed Forces of Malta, Retired. Dalli is the  Chief Executive Officer  of Malta's Correctional Services Agency. 

 Dalli is arrogant, profane, vulgar and disrespectful of others, including visiting criminal defence attorneys meeting with their clients, He illegally interfered with an attorney-client conference at the prison, which did not escape the attention of Maltese media :

                                                          Credit: Malta Today

Since he took command of Malta's notorious prison system, in 2018, a number of prisoners have passed away whilst in custody, and the cause of their deaths have been described as "suicide," though the circumstances have been questioned by NGOs and watchdog groups. If you are a criminal defendant in Protective Custody, and you were to give evidence against Malta's corrupt politicians or crooked businessmen, there's a good chance you will not survive to testify in open court or at a hearing. Allegations of mistreatment of prisoners, and rumours of torture, abound, in what many have described as a militarised prison. We wonder why it has been a decade since the last reported inspection by the Council of Europe Committee to Prevent Torture.

Last year, we wrote about the curious case of Nazzareno Mifsud, Sergeant, US Army, who was a 33-year fugitive from American justice, charged with Child Molestation and escape. Whilst awaiting extradition to the USA, he mysteriously passed way, with the official cause of death listed as Suicide. Whoever protected him during his long residence in Malta obviously did not want to be exposed, and his death was effected, and covered up as a suicide. Several other suspicious deaths remain under investigation by outside entities, but remain unsolved.


Should Dalli's egregious administration, which obviously violates Human Rights, be the subject of an investigation by the European Commission ? Malta's leaders apparently leave Dalli to run the prison as he chooses, but he, like government leaders, acts with total impunity. This must change, to improve prison conditions, and to eliminate the outside, dark elements that order Dalli to conduct what are really, in our opinion, extrajudicial executions of prisoners. Remove Dalli, clean up the prison, and let justice prevail.

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