Sunday, August 1, 2021




 Throughout the island republics that offer lucrative Citizenship by Investment (CBI) passport programmes, a popular movement that seeks to remove the corrupt, dictatorial regimes that rule those countries appears to have taken root; it remains to be seen whether it can succeed, as recently occurred in Saint Lucia, where voters turned out the corrupt, thieving Castanet administration in national elections.  

What you see above is typical of the autocratic and authoritarian methods employed by the corrupt leadership in the CBI republics, in this case, the Commonwealth of Dominica; Watch and learn.

(1) Last week, on Budget Day at Dominica's House of Assembly, its legislative branch. The Prime Minister's Office is supposed to present its annual budget, followed by the response of the Leader of the Opposition,  but once the PM completed his presentation, all Hell broke loose in Parliament.

(2) Senator Kassani made a motion, which was seconded, suspending the House Rule allowing the Opposition Leader equal time to respond, after the Minister of Finance delivered the budget address.

(3) The Senator's motion was supported by the Speaker, who ruled that the time afforded the Opposition Speaker was a privilege and not a right. The Speaker unilaterally, and improperly, determined that the Opposition Leader forfeited that privilege when he failed to attend the House, when the PM and Minister of  Finance presented the Budget Address; A vigorous protest ensured.

(4) Thereafter, Senator Kassani motion having been passed, the Speaker then called out the Members of the Opposition, demanding that they leave the Chamber if they would not take their seats. The Speaker then had the Police remove the Members of the Opposition from the House. 

(5) The Police detained the Opposition, and threatened to kill them.  Film footage of the incident was  censored by the Government information station.

(6) The Opposition had intended to expose Misappropriation of Funds, but PM Skerrit was not going to allow them to discuss that critical issue. He clearly intended to have Opposition lawmakers shot if they voiced their objections, and his police and military were ready to carry out his orders.

Dominica has ceased to be a Parliamentary democracy; its authoritarian Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, must be removed from office, together with his corrupt government. He is a Public Enemy, and a Clear and Present Danger to the future of democracy in Dominica.

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