Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Sunday, February 14, 2021


                                   Former Pilatus Bank Director ARMIN ECKERMANN

 Inspectors from the UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have recently reported that they have found evidence of atomic weapons manufacturing activity in Iran. This extremely disturbing news may have severe consequences for Malta, whose police publicly advised that indictments of Iranian-controlled Pilatus Bank officers and directors were imminent, but then failed to charge them, most likely on orders of senior Malta government officials, who feared that their leaders would be implicated for their role in fast-tracking the bank license, and then ignoring rampant money laundering for Iran.


                                 Pilatus Bank Director & CEO ROBERT LEWIS KLINGENSMITH


The new Biden Administration, which has indicated that it will zealously pursue Iran, can also be counted upon to hit hard at whoever or whatever is providing financial support to Iran's illegal nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, which you can translate into criminal charges against those banks and individuals that assisted Iran in evading international sanctions. In short, we are talking about Pilatus and those who enabled its operations, and profited from its money laundering.

                                                 Pilatus Bank Director and COO LUIS FELIPE RIVERA

Therefore, lest there be any mistake, the failure of Malta's corrupt police and prosecutors to bring charges against all those guilty individuals named and shamed in the Magistrate's Report, being the senior officers, all directors and the MLRO, will end up with them appearing in American Federal indictments, save those who are already receiving immunity from prosecution through prior cooperation. Maybe then will Malta's power elite realize that working with Iran was a costly mistake, especially on prison visitation days.

                                       Pilatus Bank MLRO  CLAUDE-ANN SANT FOURNIER


                                                          Pilatus Bank Director PHILIP MERCIECA



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