Friday, April 17, 2020


While the illicit sale, by senior government officials in the Commonwealth of Dominica, of diplomatic passports, has become an everyday event in the country, the fee structure has never been public knowledge. Some reliable Dominica sources have attested to knowing of very large payments, but given that the sale of diplomatic credentials by definition violates the relevant United Nations treaty, The Vienna Convention, which Dominica is a signatory to, accurate information on costs may never be available. The money goes into the pockets of the corrupt officials, and not into the National Treasury.

One Immigration consultancy did publish a fee schedule for the purchase of Dominica diplomatic passports, and we display it here for the benefit of our readers.

FEE (USD$)          POSITION
105,000                  Attache
80,000                    Counselor
85,000                    Honorary Consul
95.000                    Charge d'Affairs
70,000                    Trade Commissioner
90,000                    Honorary Commissioner
95,000                    Ambassador at Large
105,000                  Honorary Consul General
135,000                  Ambassador and/or Permanent Delegate
90,000                    Adviser to the Permanent Representative
80,000                    First Secretary, Second Secretary or Third Secretary.

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