Sunday, April 26, 2020


The national flags of Malta and Turkey
In our recent article, Which Banks in Malta Laundered for the Billion Dollar American Biofuel Fraudsters (April 25, 2020), we asked which banks were most likely involved in moving the reputed $3bn dollars through Malta, en route to the world's tax havens. The transfers, which were made to fool the Internal Revenue Service into approving a payment of $551m to the fraudsters, required cooperating (don't ask don't tell) financial institutions.

The crew involved in this scheme to defraud the IRS included a notorious Mormon crime organization, the Kingston Family, whose members believe that their particular religious sect supports polygamy. The Kingstons have a long history of association with Turkish organized crime, including wire transfers of $130m to Turkey, and a financial interest in the distressed private jet airline, Borajet, through their California partner in crime, Lev Dermen, in a transaction reportedly involving Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, at the United Nations General Assembly Annual Opening.

For those readers who doubt the influence of the Kingston Family in Turkey, there are photographs, taken in Turkey, with the Kingston brothers, Jacob and Isaiah, and Erdogan. Jacob Kingston, according to media reports, owns a hotel and mansion in Bodrum, Turkey allegedly worth $650m. One of Jacob's associates in Turkey, Named Korkmaz, was said to have been investigated by the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, in the Russia Impeachment Probe.

Back to Malta, which boasts no less than three branches of major Turkish banks,; given the Kingston's close association with Turkey, its organized crime families, and investments and wire transfers there, the fact that the US Attorney in Utah publicly acknowledged the assistance of Malta law enforcement raises the strong presumption that at least some of the biofuel fraud wires went through Turkey's banks in Malta. When evidence of these transactions become publicly available, we shall promptly follow up with that information on this blog.  

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