Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


In any offshore financial center, there are always a couple of rotten apples; professionals who walk on the dark side, which means money laundering of bribes and kickbacks, covering up tax evasion, and washing criminal proceeds. The Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers are but two examples of law firms who have passed from the grey area, into criminal facilitation, and what damage they inflict as the result.

One of Gibraltar's law firms is currently representing a gang of master cybercriminals, who have left a trail of victims in three continents. On this side of the Pond, over in Trinidad, the losses reportedly exceed $100m; the SEC and US law enforcement agencies are actively investigating them. Obviously, they will leave European victims in their wake, and the law firm will profess its innocence, and go right back to doing the same thing again: facilitate financial crime.

So how did this prominent law firm fail to conduct the most rudimentary due diligence upon their new clients, before undertaking to reprsent them ? Even a cursory Google search would have exposed their sins and transgressions. Don't attorneys in Gib engage in Know Your Client ?

We hope that some cencerned citizens in Gibraltar unmask this law firm, hopefully by exposing their sordid activities. Let a Gibraltarian post the passport pictures here, and the story of this gang's cybercrimes.

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