Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


A Dominica expat, visiting the country on vacation, was denied access to any use of VISA ATM or credit cards wille there, which were cards issued by a major American bank. Given that this individual had just recently used those cards in other adjacent East Caribbean states, an inquiry was made. Here is the information that was received from bank representatives and managers:

"Due to security and fraud concerns, blacklists, OFAC sanctions and FATF lists, [deleted] Bank does not allow any transactions in Dominica". Our bank has decided not to process any transactions in Dominica, as it is a blocked country."

" This country [Dominica] may be subject to international sanctions, and [deleted] Bank is committed to compliance with those sanctions. While we work worldwide, and your card can be used everywhere VISA cards are accepted at this time, we do not allow our products and services to be used in blocked countries, which means ATM & credit card transactions are not permitted. You can resume use of your debit/credit card when you are outside the Commonwealth of Dominica."

"In accordance with the international sanctions and mutual rules of corresponding banks, we are sorry but the country you are currendly in is a blocked country. For compliance and the protection of the bank, [deleted] Bank is unable to have their customers use their VISA Debit/credit cards while traveling to blocked countries like Dominica."

"I am sorry for the inconvenience but our bank/VISA have blocked ATM/debit activity in the Commonwealth of Dominica."

It appears that Dominica is now regarded as so high-risk that the use of VISA debit and credit cards of one of the largest US banks there has been completely blocked.


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