Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Although the Western press has primarily focused blame upon the remnants of ISIS for attacks upon the sizeable population of Coptic Christians is Egypt, in truth and in fact, it is the Muslim Brotherhood that has engaged in systematic destruction of the last major Christian community in the Middle East. The Coptics, who number close to ten per cent of the Egyptian people, are being  murdered, their assets plundered, and their churches ad schools set on fire.

Sources inside Egypt have stated that the Brotherhood has specifically targeted the most affluent of Egypt's Coptics, for the purpose of stealing their significant assets after their deaths. Given that the Copts have existed in Egypt for two milennia, these holdings are substantial. Many Coptics have chosen to emigrate abroad, to Western countries where freedom of religion is assured. 

International banks in Europe, particularly those who have branches or correspondent relationships, in Egypt, should be alert for large new and unexplained deposits, from Egyptian nationals, as they may represent assets taken from Coptics who were killed. The holders may wish to remove these funds from their country, to escape their possible seizure, at a later date.  As they represent the proceeds of crime, any such deposits constitute money laundeing offenses. Check the prior lines of business, and account history, for those who are making substantial new deposits, and obtain Source of Funds verification, from an independent entity, before accepting any large and unexplained amounts, lest you later are identified for cleaning stolen money, and sending it abroad.

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