Friday, April 21, 2017


In a ruling that many legal observers thought would never come, the High Court of Justice, of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, has held that Leroy King, the former chief financial regulator for Antigua & Barbuda, shall be extradited to the United States. King was indicted in Texas, in the notorious Allen Stanford/Stanford International Bank Ponzi scheme, in 2009, and extradition proceedings have been knocking around the Antiguan court system since 2010, much to the chagrin of Allen Stanford's victims, as well as, I am sure, the US Department of Justice.

Although a Warrant of Extradition was executed in 2012, counsel for King has, through multiple dilatory acts, appeals and Habeus Corpus filings, managed to delay justice, but the Court, in a 71-page decision, discussed, at length, and ultimately disposed of, all the arguments advanced by counsel for Mr. King, holding that none of them barred his immediate extradition.

This ruling will go a long way towards reassuring observers that the rule of law is alive and well in Antigua & Barbuda. Readers who wish to review the complete text may access it here.
* In the Matter of Leroy King, Claimant -and-the Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Antigua & Barbuda Claim No. ANUHCV 2012/0220 (ECSC).

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