Tuesday, December 8, 2020


It is rumored that the 500-plus page report on Pilatus Bank implicates everyone involved, and recommends that criminal charges be filed. While we know that such is the province of Malta's Attorney General, and that most observers agree that she is compromised, and will not make that action, there is an alternative. We are wondering who has the courage to see that the details are placed into the public domain.

We are not asking that someone commit a felony; we are requesting that any witness who has actually seed the actual contents of the report, and possibly the exhibits which it is based upon, contact us at miamicompliance@gmail.com   Your anonymity will be protected. and you will be able to strike a blow for meaningful change in Malta. 

We seriously doubt that the present Labour Government can survive truth to power, and reform could come sooner rather than later. Remember, January is coming, and any indictments unsealed in the United States or in the EU (called by some the nuclear strike) will push the corrupters even faster out the door, but the Pilatus evidence, and recommendation, is critical to making change come to Malta.


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