Saturday, December 26, 2020


                                                                   Roosevelt Skerrit

As we have predicted, corrupt senior government officials who find they are targeted for indictment by the United States are beginning to point fingers at those with whom they have engaged in a life of crime, hoping that they can obtain immunity from prosecution, while their associates,whom they implicate, end up serving long sentences. There is no honor among thieves. 

Today's information, which was received from two reliable sources, confirms rumors that our sources have been hearing of late, but which we previously have withheld, awaiting independent confirmation. We now have high confidence, and are sharing this important information with our readers.

Dominica's Prime Minister ROOSEVELT SKERRIT,  who is known to have long feared serving time in Federal Prison in the United States, where his personal safety could be an issue, has asked two of his country's senior diplomats, one posted in the UK and the other to the EU, to reach out to European law enforcement investigators, promising to supply first-hand information and evidence on European and Middle Eastern targets. The information, which is said to specifically include money laundering as well as other financial crimes, will be offered by Skerrit in exchange an agreement that provides that he serves no prison time.

The individuals who PM Skerrit has reportedly offered to supply incriminating evidence against include, but are not limited to:

                                                                   Joseph Muscat 

(1) Former Malta Prime Minister JOSEPH MUSCAT. Readers of this blog will recall that the CEO of Malta's money laundering PILATUS BANK, the suspected Iranian intelligence agent,  HAMIDREZA GHANBARI, holds a Citizenship by Investment (CBI) passport from Dominica.

                                                               Hamidreza Ghanbari

(2) MOHAMMED ASARIA, the Managing Director and Board Member of RANGE DEVELOPMENTS, as well as related corporate entities, in the United Arab Emirates and elsewhere.

                                                                 Mohammed Asaria

(3) A number of career criminals who hold Citizenship by Investment (CBI) passports issued by Dominica, including specific information on their past and present criminal activities. In the interests of justice, we are not publishing their names, so that they do not engage in unlawful flight to avoid arrest and prosecution.

Additionally, Skerrit told his diplomats that he has information to share regarding intelligence collection being conducted by the Peoples' Republic of China from the East Caribbean States. the Chinese Embassy in Dominica, which is situated in the most exclusive area of the country, near the PM's new mansion, has a staff of more than 900, which is believed to include a listening post directed at North America, with a sizable contingent of Peoples' Liberation Army ELINT and COMINT specialists. 

Subsequent to the receipt of the above information, we have received details of another offer Skerrit has made, informally and not through diplomatic channels, to the United States Embassy in Barbados, the American entity designated for Dominica, of his interest in becoming a Cooperating Individual to the Department of Justice. 

We expect that government officials in the Commonwealth of Dominica will deny that this information is true, but government spokespersons may not themselves be aware of the facts. Skerrit, who is said to be considering permanently leaving Dominica, pending the conclusion of an agreement with law enforcement, due to recurring rumors that he has already been indicted in the United States.


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