Sunday, December 6, 2020



This week's news, a prediction that criminal charges for the people involved in Malta's latest money laundering bank scandal will soon be brought, should be filed away with all the other recent arrests, which generate the impression that law enforcement is hard at work in suppressing crime. In truth and in fact, arrests, if and when they actually occur, never result in either charges or trials. Corruption, at the highest level, insures that the Malta Mafia, or its associates, or affiliated politicians, are free to operate with impunity. That is history since independence from the United Kingdom.

That is now about to change; Malta's criminal elite made the serious mistake of failing to avoid stepping on the toes of the Great Tiger, the United States. They did not take in account the ripple effect upon the global economy of their transnational crime activities, and did not anticipate a blowback. The fact that Americans were either involved, or directly affected, by Malta's offshore industry, its rampant money laundering, or its friendship with America's sanctioned adversaries, all have acted like a magnet to draw in US law enforcement agencies, and other government services.


Malta's corrupt criminal leadership, engorged by $300m in bribes and kickbacks, now has trouble sleeping, due to their well-placed fear that American Justice, in the manner of indictments and extradition requests, will soon be knocking on their doors, and they are very afraid, for Parole has long ago been abolished in the US, and convicts must swerve 85% of their sentences. All their dirty money will not secure an infinite delay in their cases, which they enjoy at home, and they take their anti-depressants and sleeping pills and wait for the axe to fall; Their long wait is almost over; Justice approaches. Make sure you have retained an American defense attorney, ladies and gentlemen.


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