Monday, August 22, 2016


If you had a question about how Hamas utilizes Turkey in its terrorist operations, particularly terrorist financing, follow this. A recent arrest, of a Hamas agent, in Israel, demonstrated how the terror organization's presence in Turkey simplified funding of operations in the West Bank or Israel.

The individual who was detained, a confirmed Hamas agent, whose mission was to recruit, and pay, individuals, who would then commit terrorist acts.

(1) The specially designated terrorist entity deposited funds in the agent's retail store in Istanbul.
(2) The Istanbul store thereafter sent the funds to the agent's other store, located in Jerusalem.
(3) the new Hamas recruits come into the Jerusalem store, and received cash from the store register.

In many other countries in the Middle East, known Hamas agents are identified, and swiftly deported, but Turkey offers them safe haven.

Another HAMAS agent was bulk cash smuggling Hamas cash, $25,000, from Turkey, into Israel, when he was detained.

Funding for proposed terrorist acts was now complete. HAMAS maintains its global overseas operations center in Turkey, with the open blessing & assistance of the Turkish Government. Though there is some vague promise, on the part of Turkey to close up that facility, it is doubtful that this will occur.

The Istanbul headquarters is headed by Saleh Al-Arouri, a leading HAMAS terrorist, OFAC-santioned, who has spent many years in prison, for terrorist actions.  Do not expect him to cease his terrorist funding operations anytime soon irrespective of what Turkey says it will do.

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