Thursday, August 18, 2016


The August 10 filing, on behalf of the insolvent Cayman company, B & C Capital, Ltd., against Bateman and Company, alleging conversion of millions of dollars that allegedly belongs to B & C, and the back story rumors, about a bitter dispute, between Ryan Bateman, and Sharon Lexa Lamb & Derek Buntain, begs the question: is the fugitive fraudster Ryan Bateman a Cooperating Individual, working on behalf of, and with, a North American law enforcement agency ?

This leads to the logical follow-up question: has he received immunity for prosecution for his assistance ? We cannot say, but consider this. One of Bateman's former staff members, Joshua Van Dyk, who was running a criminal tax evasion scheme while working there, and was later charged, when he was at another firm, received a sweetheart deal in an American criminal case, for what can only be described as Substantial Assistance.

 In fact, through he received a sentence of imprisonment of years, it appears that the CI was never sent to a Federal Prison, but directly to a halfway house in California, where, incredibly, he began working, during the day, in the securities business. His Confidential Informant status, though never confirmed, is believed to have been a factor.

Is Bateman, living openly in Fort Lauderdale's upscale Southwest Ranches district, when we last checked, working with a law enforcement ? We cannot say, but we will be watching for indications of his role in proceedings, or investigations, against the remaining Cayman Gang of Four members, Sharon Lexa Lamb, Derek Buntain, and Fernando Motto Mendez, especially in Canada and the United States.

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