Monday, August 1, 2016


Alberto Diamond R, the corrupt former Superintendent of Banking, in the Martinelli administration, threatened the Waked organization, which controlled major Panama City newspapers, that if they did not delete all the negative information, then appearing, detailing his criminal activities, in their Internet newspaper editions, that he would expose the Waked money laundering operation.

Diamond's blackmail, which was carried out before American criminal indictments were issued against the Waked family members, and OFAC sanctions imposed on their extensive business holdings in Panama, occurred after sone of the print media owned by the Waked organization reported on information that it had received about Alberto Diamond's alleged receipt of bribes, his reported utter failure to bring a single money laundering charge while in office, and for accusations that he had a major role in facilitating money laundering while in office.

Immediately after he left office, Alberto Diamond fled Panama City, and his current location is unknown. The long list of charges that could be filed against him exceed a life sentence, both under Panamanian law, and in the United States, where he could be charged with RICO, and operating a continuing criminal enterprise, as well as money laundering.  

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