Tuesday, August 16, 2016


DMG Group, the failed billion-dollar Ponzi/Pyramid scam of the convicted Colombian businessman, David Murcia Guzmán, now has a successor company, with the same name, but it is already in trouble. Murcia's brother, Alvaro, dusted off the disgraced brand, and reopened for business a few months ago, reportedly to large crowds of prospective investors.

The Colombian national taxing and customs authority, better known by its acronym, DIAN, has accused Alvaro, and the rest of the Murcia extended family, who is running the reestablished pyramid enterprise, of using the agency's logo, on their new DMG flyers and documents, without the express written permission of DIAN.

The criminal proceeds obtained in the original million dollar Ponzi scheme of Murcia, was inflated to approximately three billion US Dollars ($3bn), when, according to wtinesses, narco-profits, earned by the FARC, were laundered through DMG, with David Murcia's cooperation. Most of that currency was then bulk cash smuggled into Panama, on speedboats, arriving at night at Flamenco Marina, on the Amador Causeway.

Delivered, while sometimes still damp from the ocean, to Murcia laundryman, Gary Lundgren, the funds were used to purchase, for cash, condominium residences in such places as the Trump Ocean Club, using bearer share Panama corporations, to conceal the name of the beneficial owner. Lundgren acted as Murcia's investment counselor*, though most of the money allegedly was the property of the FARC. Murcia, serving time in the US, is believed to be cooperating with law enforcement.

When Murcia was summarily deported, allegedly on the orders of Ricardo Martinelli and Lundgren, both of these partners took possession of the Trump condos, and other properties, though we now wonder if the FARC, which is presently formalizing a comprehensive peace treaty with Colombia, will be making a formal (or informal) claim against Lundgren, and against all that stolen real estate, in Panama. This may be why Gary Lundgren maintains several layers of security at his offices in Panama City.

Gary Lundgren and Griselda Perez
* Gary Lundgren's US licenses to sell securities have all been revoked, for life, by FINRA. See
FINRA Broker Check for details. His current securities orders are reportedly being placed, illegally, as his Panama City brokerage has no licensees, by ZacGary Lundgren, James Lundgren, and Griselda Perez.

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