Monday, August 8, 2016


If you remember the many articles I wrote in the past ,about Tamil Tiger money laundering and terrorist financing, you may recall that I wondered what would become of all their overseas money launderers, after the war was over. Here's an answer, with respect to some of those laundrymen.

The LTTE (Tamil Tigers) may have been defeated on the field on battle, by the armed forces of Sri Lanka, but the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland has now charged the financiers of that terrorist organization, for their illegal fundraising, and money laundering, engaged in, at the expense of Sri Lankan nationals living in Switzerland, who were compelled to take out loans to fund the LTTE.

Over 15m Swiss Francs were borrowed from a bank in Zurich, by Sri Lankan nationals residing in Switzerland, and the funds were thereafter laundered, and transferred, through an intermediary, to the Tamil Tigers, who reportedly used those funds to prosecute the civil war the LTTE was waging in Sri Lanka. the funds were then smuggled, in cash, to Singapore and Dubai, in amounts of up to CHF 1m each month, reportedly for weapons purchases.

The defendants assisted in the funding sources in obtaining the loans, by giving the forged salary statements. After the LTTE was defeated, the borrowers stopped making payments on their loans. The charges are :
(1) Fraud
(2) Supporting or being members of a criminal organization
(3) Money laundering

The defendants have not yet been named. We shall update our readers as soon as more information becomes known.

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