Monday, August 8, 2016


Spain took advantage of the United Kingdom's Brexit vote to again press for joint sovereignty over the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. The Foreign Minister of Spain, José Manuel García-Margallo was quoted as saying that Brexit meant a complete change of outlook over Gibraltar. Britain acquired the Rock in 1713, as part of a global settlement of territory, and 95% of its residents have consistently voted to remain British. Spain itself holds a number of enclaves in Morocco, who desire to remain Spanish.

Some quarters in Gibraltar have renewed calls for overseas territories to have a designated Member of Parliament appointed or elected, from all the territories, including Gibraltar. Others have asked the new Prime Minister to make a visit, and to send warships, as a gesture of support.

Still other Gibraltarians are asking for more flights out of the rock's airport to be scheduled, in case the Spanish Government again closes the frontier. Bankers are concerned that, should Spain ever acquire any sort of sovereign rights over Gibraltar, that its status as an offshore financial center would be in jeopardy, as laws could be changed to eliminate Gibraltar as a jurisdiction with a tax regime favorable to international business.

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