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To prove the old adage, "there's no honor among thieves." the members of the Cayman Gang of Four, Sharon Lexa Lamb, Ryan Bateman, Fernando Motto Mendez, and Derek Buntain, are reportedly at odds over money, approximately $5m, and the evidence indicates that it is part of the huge haul the Gang illegally took out of Dundee Merchant Bank's accounts at the bank of Butterfield's Cayman Islands branch.

Some aspects of the dispute surfaced on August 10th, when, in what is captioned as a Winding up Petition, liquidators for the allegedly insolvent B & C Capital Ltd., brought the action against a related company from the Bateman Group, Bateman & Company, Ltd. It is alleged that millions of dollars, in "cash, securities and other assets," that are the property of B & C have not been transferred to it by Bateman and Company.

Reliable sources in Grand Cayman assert that Ryan Bateman, who is a fugitive from justice in the Cayman islands. since 2014, claims that fellow Gang crew members Sharon Lexa Lamb and Derek Buntain, and possibly also Fernando Mendez, stole money from Bateman. What is missing from the story is the little detail regarding the fact that the assets at issue belong to Canadian retirees, who entrusted their life savings to Lamb and Buntain, who improperly, and without authorization, transferred millions, through Bateman's shell companies, overseas, where it remains missing.

Bateman, Lamb, Buntain
Perhaps the attorneys in Grand Cayman can tell us how a fugitive from Cayman justice can assert what he claims are his rights to what amounts to stolen money, while intentionally remaining safely outside the jurisdiction. That's about as bad as Bateman having Derek Buntain sign the supporting affidavit in the B & C Capital Ltd. liquidation proceeding, which he did, notwithstanding an obvious conflict of interest. The Cayman Islands judges handing these cases should be made aware of these facts.

We are still trying to figure out how Bateman, who illegally transferred $95m in stolen funds to the Bahamas, has the gall to say his partners in crime took money from him, but we'll let the answers come from the two pending civil cases in Canada. And what about Sharon Lexa Lamb, who is reportedly persona non grata in Grand Cayman social circles, due to the fact that residents there blame her for the steep decline in the reputation of the Cayman Islands ? Did she steal from her thief & partner ? We cannot say, but stay tuned to this blog for more information.

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