Friday, August 5, 2016


Gary James Lundgren
Gary James Lundgren, the disgraced American stockbroker living in the Republic of Panama, has been linked to Ryan Bateman, and also to Sharon Lexa Lamb, who are both members of the Cayman Gang of Four, accused of stealing millions of dollars from retired Canadian pensioners, laundering their booty, and moving it out of Panama, where it remains missing and unaccounted for. Did Lundgren move some of the loot from their massive theft ?

Evidence has been recently uncovered that confirms Lundgren and Bateman, who is a presently fugitive, wanted in Grand Cayman, have a longstanding business relationship, and that may have included laundering some of the Gang of Four's criminal proceeds. Gary Lundgren, rather than open his bank account records to FINRA, the American stockbroker regulatory agency, lost his licenses to trade securities in the United States. Obviously, the loss of his brokerage licenses was not as important to Lundgren, as is the information contained in the deposits into his bank accounts. Did money move into those accounts from DMS Bank & Trust Ltd., in the Cayman Islands ?

Did Lundgren accept funds from Bateman's shell companies, B & C Capital, Ltd., and Bateman and Company, that he knew to be criminal proceeds, and move the money through his accounts ? We cannot say at this point, as our investigation is ongoing. What we can say is that, where there's smoke, there's usually fire, where Gary Lundgren is concerned.

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