Friday, February 18, 2022



A Russian-speaking defendant, who required an English interpreter, and who has been charged with money laundering, and Operating an Unlicensed Money Transfer Business, was allowed to bond out under what can only be described as unusual circumstances. SHUKHRAT ADBILLAEV was allowed to be released on an unsecured $100,000 bond, and the US Attorney present in front of the US Magistrate Judge agreed to these generous bond provisions. 

if you are unfamiliar with the term, an Unsecured Bond allows the defendant to execute an appearance bond, which is merely a promise to appear in court on all court dates, and promises to pay the amount of the bond should he or she fail to appear. he is not required to post cash or encumber (mortage) real estate, or any other items of value.

Anyone who is operating an unlicensed money transmitter business present a Danger to the. community, should he be released from custody, for he could very easily be back in business the next day, only using another fictitious or trade name. What is wrong with this picture ?

Additionally, given his access to large amount of funds, is he by definition a flight risk ? he defendant apparently speaks no English; how an he possibly has sufficient family, personal and business ties to the community to guarantee his future appearance in court ?

If he is a favored Cooperating Individual (CI) why was he charged in the first place ? This case presents far more questions of great public interest than it answers. We trust that there are reasonable answers to our queries.


Note: Our thanks to Inner City Press for raising the issue publicly.


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