Monday, February 28, 2022


Abela and Muscat competing with Each Other  by COSIMO

Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is touring Malta’s towns and villages, ostensibly handing out electoral gifts to Robert Abela by rousing the labour grassroots wherever he goes. For their part the diehard labourite mobs chant: Viva il-Labour, Viva il-Labour!! as well as:  Joseph, Joseph!!   They certainly ain’t Elvis Presley singing Viva Las Vegas surrounded by American beauties; rather here is the spectacle of a man with a shrunken face, full of fear, accompanied by "humpty dumpty" Glenn Bedingfield and desperate village housewives.  

In keeping with his character, Muscat repeatedly taunts journalists, not just by disgracefully avoiding their questions, but also by accusing them that they are attempting to split the Labour Party and that they will fail.  Quite naturally, the Labour grassroots would fall for Muscat’s every assertion.  They simply adore their icon to the extent that should he tell them that the earth is flat and the Americans never landed on the moon, they would believe him.  

It is these grassroots that Joseph is targeting, for his own personal interests and not for his party.  The party is himself ... just as it was in the Dom Mintoff days.  The Party is ME. Yet, Robert Abela is in deep trouble because elections are not won by the grassroots or diehards who stick to both parties at all costs.  Two thirds, split almost equally, will always vote Labour or Nationalist whatever their political leaders do.  Elections are won because of that increasingly significant portion of the electorate, namely the switchers or floating voters. 

Indeed, around 33% of Malta’s voters have tended to think, calculate and ponder about putting their interests or those of the country first.  It is this voting segment that determines the outcome in Malta’s elections. Joseph Muscat’s loose cannon electoral campaign is mind boggling for the floating voter segment,  regardless of what they think about the Opposition PN and its leader Bernard Grech.   Deep down, the “switchers” know – or at least ought to know – that Joseph Muscat’s mendacity continues.  Which retired former PMs have conducted themselves in such a fashion during a general elections campaign? 

The man isn’t helping Robert Abela; it looks more like a case of backstabbing. Only an egoistical, self-centred narcissist a la Muscat would back stab his successor, despite claiming otherwise.  The truth is that Muscat would want to weaken and undermine Robert Abela for multiple reasons – envy, fear, revenge among them.   However, one ought not preclude the HATE motive-even from the man who reveled in the LOVE lavished on him by his party lieutenants and supporters.   This is how the Evil One tricks people – he gives them poison from his hand, telling them it is love.

Joseph Muscat’s unofficial electoral campaign appearances resemble  Gordon ‘’Gordo’’ Moseley’s gifts in the 2015 psychological thriller The Gift directed by Joel Edgerton.   Gordo is a pathological liar who with his gifts destroys the successful career and lives of a married couple for his own sinister reason – HATE.  In this movie, Gordo Muscat uses all kinds of gifts, platitudes, and flattery to fool Simon and his wife Robyn, and eventually drives them mad.

Muscat needs to change tactics.  His methods are not only amateurish, for everybody – bar the diehard labour fanatics - knows that these planned unplanned electoral tours will ultimately deliver him a pyrrhic victory.  Any politicians that secure their parliamentary seats through Joseph Muscat’s cunning “assistance” - rather than by demonstrating by true allegiance to Robert Abela - cannot be trusted.  And it is Muscat himself who ought not to trust them.  As eventually, they would imitate their leader’s example.   In other words, just as Joseph Muscat betrayed Robert Abela, Muscat’s handpicked MPs would betray Joseph, simply because Robert Abela would buy their loyalty through money, contracts, promotions and everything else that shines.

Perhaps the only option left for Joseph and Michelle Muscat is a surprise last minute candidature.  They know well that their rot has penetrated many of the souls of a very hefty chunk of the Maltese electorate.  They are also well aware that that the only people they can trust are the Labour grassroots.  Indeed, the masonic cabal that runs the show in Malta has little fear of the politicians (both Nationalist and Labour) that are in their pockets.  But the freemasons do fear the mob, the uncontrollable masses, and it is here where Joseph Muscat’s last refuge lies. 

And, currently with the added complication of a full-scale war in the Ukraine, things are not looking very good for the Muscats. Joseph Muscat has proven to be too much of a liability for the masonic globalist cabal that controlled him.  It is hence logical to expect that such a weak link who has now served his purpose, would be viewed as expendable by the freemasons. It does not take much intelligence to realise what this means for Joseph Muscat’s own personal safety.  This man’s pathetic attempts to weaken or undermine Robert Abela will fail.  Muscat’s only salvation may lie in standing as a parliamentary candidate, and that would be a hoot!

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