Thursday, February 10, 2022



Spring Cleaning  by COSIMO

 Reliable sources within Malta's Labour Party have indicated that PM ROBERT ABELA will resign his office after the next election, and thereafter be replaced by MIRIAM DALLI. Disgraced former Prime Minister JOSEPH MUSCAT and the Maltese Mafia, which control the Party, will ditch Abela, and ask Dalli to take over as PM.

Abela has become a political liability for PL; he is now desperate to enroll allies, to prevent him being removed. he is promising ministerial position, and direct contracts to potential supporters, as well as no-show government jobs where they only need appear to collect their salaries. He also reportedly is pushing for members of his own family to be electoral candidates.

RA does have a surprise up his sleeve; he will be directly contesting Dalli's 5th Electoral District and hometown, to ruin her chances  she will get more first-count votes than him.

Our sources report that political infighting within the Labour Party has reached critical levels; many traditional Labourites are abandoning the Party, and Abela's expected landslide come election time will not materialise. Muscat has apparently lost confidence in Abela, and wants someone who can present a more positive image to the public, and will be seen abroad as someone not closely tied to JM.

Muscat's agitated state may be due to the fact that the gas contract comes on for renewal this spring, and organized crime elements in Azerbaijan are pressuring him to ensure that it is not terminated, under any circumstances, and he does not trust Abela to be able to withstand public pressure against it. Also, the Maltese Mafia is not very happy with the guarantees RA gave them, that they would not be touched by his administration.

  Abela is definitely on his way out.

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