Friday, February 4, 2022


Biggest PL Troll ever  by COSIMO

 Dr Mario Mifsud is the lawyer (pro bono ?) defending Abner George Aquilina, the unfortunate lad who is accused of the murder of Paulina Dembska, a Polish girl unfortunately lured to Joseph Muscat's paradise on earth or what Glenn Bedingfield trolls parrot: the best place in the world.  

If Polish Catholics were to learn that Dr Mifsud is even remotely linked to the office of the Prime Minister or the Bishop of Malta, then he is in deep shit.

He may have jumped in Abner's case because he is from the same village of Father David Muscat, the priest who bravely defended this man from public lynching and possible traumatization in a psychiatric hospital.  This also plays against Dr. Mifsud.

Nothing works in the island republic of Malta.  Crooks are everywhere, and the whole system needs an overhaul, perhaps an exorcism. Not even a Nationalist victory in the upcoming election will change anything.


This sex scandal involving priests and politicians can potentially be so breathtaking that Malta's international image, already severely damaged by FATF's Greylisting, will NEVER recover.  

Just as in Western Movies the weakest link will be the first to die. It is The Good, the Bad and the Ugly all over again.  There is no honour among thieves.  They do everything to protect their skins.  Dr Mifsud may well need to run for his life like Joseph Muscat, for whom the Devil himself will soon come to him to collect his soul, to torture him in Hell for all Eternity.
JM Falling in hell with his Stolen Money

More to follow; stay tuned.

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