Wednesday, February 23, 2022



Three's Company  by COSIMO

Some of the comments we receive question our repeated references to Sodom and Gomorrah when discussing events in Malta. There is a factual basis for the analogy; perhaps our foreign readers should be aware of it. 

Each week in Malta, scandals involving the ruling Labour Party emerge and some of them are quite ugly. Frankly, it was bad enough that the people had to endure repeated stories about open marital infidelity one the part of several spouses of senior government officials including at the highest level, but the latest is even worse. Apparently, it is an open secret amongst Labour insiders that the government's Consigliere, a/k/a the Prince of Darkness, was cuckolding the lawyer with his wife, who is also a lawyer, for four long years; now she has taken up with an individual accused of criminal activity. Are there no moral constraints in Malta ?

Drug abuse amongst attorneys in the Labour Party is widespread; cocaine is easy to obtain, thanks to the  Maltese Mafia, whom those lawyers represent in court, and aid and abet in their criminal enterprises. Cocaine abuse affects rational judgment, and gives the user a false sense of security; no wonder money laundering and corruption are rampant. Malta is, for geopolitical reasons, a transit point for narcotics coming from Latin America, aided to no small degree by the Sicilian Malta, whose members richly profit from Malta's drug abusers' habits.

It is sinful that such moral depravity exists in what was formerly a religious Roman Catholic nation; perhaps the Pope might want to take our advice, and postpone his visit to the island where Saint Paul healed the sick, until it returns to its Christian roots.

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