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Tuesday, February 1, 2022




Abner George Aquilina was a good boy from a good working class family in the island of Malta. Like many boys in this predominantly Roman Catholic island in the Mediterranean he went to catechism classes, to a church school and was an altar boy. He also learned music to play in the brass band of his village of Zejtun for the feast of Saint Catherine Virgin and Martyr.

Due to the crisis of a typical teenager, aggravated by an abusive father, Abner got into bad company and ended up addicted to drugs. It didn’t take him long to resort to stealing in order to buy drugs. When he didn’t make enough money to fuel this cursed habit, which the money-obsessed Maltese socialist government has now legalized, Abner had no choice but to start prostituting himself with older men.

Tragically this kind of male prostitutes are paid peanuts by their abusers, precisely because the latter know they are desperate for money. These sugar daddies became veritable poison daddies.

It’s no surprise that sooner or later this fine young lad would collapse and indeed he did on 2nd January when he murdered an innocent Polish girl, Paulina Dembska and subsequently committed necrophilia on her corpse. Before committing this heinous crime, he had just attacked two men. He showed no remorse and briefly after having murdered this woman, entered a Roman Catholic church smashing liturgical furniture and terrorising the congregation.

Weeks after the murder Abner is still full of anger, and didn’t give a damn about giving the journalists the middle finger when he appeared in court. The Socialist government’s malicious propaganda machine and the Castille-paid Internet trolls, together with the liberal NGOs led by Lara Dimitrijevic, a fierce pro-Choice woman, wanted to create a narrative that the brutal murder of Paulina Dembska in Sliema was a crime of so-called femicide, committed by a young man influenced by religious fundamentalism. Even the Socialist Prime Minister Robert Abela joined the liberal crowd to light a candle and lay flowers at the murder scene.

Veritas Odit Moras – truth hates delay, and just few days later, the real story of this young man started slowly emerging, and the State and NGO narrative began to fall to pieces. Abner’s social background reveals he is a broken young man who was abused by people that were supposed to help him but nobody took any notice of his pain, and that of his family. The good Samaritan could have been closer than you think because a Labour MP - a turn-coat Nationalist who used to run a kitschy women’s programme on NET TV - has his political district office right next to Abner’s house, in a street in Zejtun. 

On Facebook, the Maltese internet warriors unanimously screamed for Abner’s public lynching. Only two priests dared to publicly defend him and the Aquilina family – a Dominican priest and Fr. David Muscat, a Roman Catholic priest who stepped in more forcefully to shield this poor lad from those who wanted the reintroduction of capital punishment just for this boy because he was allegedly guilty of ‘’femicide’’. By doing so, Fr. David Muscat risked not only the priesthood, but in light of how the Maltese church acted so ruthlessly towards him, he is now risking life and limb to boot. The ferocious attacks unleashed against him on the social media, his character assassination by Glenn Bedingfield’s henchmen, the brazen lies circulated about him, together with the physical threats against Fr. Muscat’s life should not be taken lightly.

Despite never meeting the murderer, Fr. David Muscat stuck his neck out for him arguing that he is a victim of a morally corrupt society. This is usually done by Prof Andrew Azzopardi but this time he had to be quiet not to upset Dimitrijevic's crowd. Fr David is not dismissing Abner’s crime, because what Paulina Dembska suffered is horrific. Yet, he tried to drive a theological point. Abner might not have had full control of his actions because he could have been under demonic possession. However this is a religious category explanation and, in the eyes of a secular court, is irrelevant. 

This is reminiscent of the famous 1981 Trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, also known as the‘’Devil Made Me Do It’’ case. It is the first known court case in the United States in which the defense sought to prove innocence based upon the defendant’s claim of Demonic Possession and denial of personal responsibility for the crime.  The judge rightly ruled that such a defence could never be proven and was therefore infeasible in a court of law. 

This trial attracted media attention from around the world and has obtained a level of notoriety due to numerous depictions of the events in literature and television. The story was later made into a film adaptation titled The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It(2021). It is thus crystal clear that although Fr. David Muscat was defending Abner by arguing that this youth has been subjected to a deadly mixture of psychological and deviant sexual behaviour, he was also saying that Paulina Dembska deserved justice. In the eyes of a secular court, demonic possession is irrelevant to assess the means rea, but forced gayness
is, especially if it is the result of male prostitution to buy drugs. That’s why debauchery, including gayness, is worse than Demonic Possession. His religious statement has also sound legal consequences.

Why then, did some characters decide to stir up an unholy crusade against Fr David? Is it just because he is outspoken against the corruption of the Maltese government or are there more sinister motives?
The devil is in the detail. The fact that it was the partner of Cyrus Engerer who publicly boasted of reporting the priest to Facebook officials is already revealing.The other very odd aspect about this whole affair is how and why the Maltese state and the local Roman Catholic church joined forces to burn Fr. David Muscat at the stake. The bishop made a public apology on State television, during Holy Mass and threatened this cleric with suspension for what is most dear to priests, celebration of the mass with a congregation. Church and state did what they did to Fr.  David not because they misunderstood him, but
rather because he was saying the truth ...... and they panicked.

The question is whether Fr David is really a heretic as his bishop wants us to believe. To the chagrin of his bishop, Fr David is actually very loyal to the official teachings of the church, even paragraph 3 of section 2357 of the Catholic Catechism, which his grace cited to condemn this priest. This section of the Catechism makes it clear that unjust discrimination against persons who have homosexual tendencies is to be completely avoided. But this actually is in Fr. David’s favour, because the Catechism is saying that there is indeed such a thing as just discrimination.

We justly discriminate against drunk drivers and blind airline pilots. Similarly, the church justly discriminates against same-sex marriage because it is not possible for same-sex couples to marry in church. The church is, by justly discriminating, engaged in an act of charity by virtue of her motherly concern for souls. In an essay about sexual abuse written by Pope Benedict XVI in 2019, the retired Pope
narrates how the church and society are deeply wounded by the effects of homosexual activism among the clergy and its corresponding culture. The victims of this criminal abuse are suffering greatly and in some cases, they have committed suicide. In others, their lives are irreparably altered. Benedict XVI narrates the story of a young victim who was a former altar server. He had said that the chaplain, who was this altar server’s superior, always introduced the sexual abuse he was committing with the words: "This is my body which will be given up for you;"

The Pope continues that it is obvious that this victim can no longer hear the very words of Eucharistic consecration without experiencing again all the horrific distress of his abuse. Back to Abner George Aquilina; Isn’t all this tragically analogous to Abner Aquilina’s situation? Why did he wear a gay themed T-shirt portraying a sinister hand coming from the triangle that is the symbol of the Christian Triune God? Why did Abner write: FROM YOUR HAND I’D EAT ANYTHING EVEN POISON?

All this looks like Ireland all over again. Why did the Maltese State and Church unite so quickly to condemn a priest who is loyal to the Magisterium? Is this a conspiracy of silencing a truthful messenger as well as an intentional coverup? The bishop should have faced the facts, and ought to have spoken honestly and in an orthodox manner about the nature of homosexual issues and not join the state in condemning a priest who was after all just trying to defend a former altar boy from a public lynching because he murdered a woman in an act of madness.

The foregoing also begs the questions: who in the past, and perhaps recently, was involved in sexually abusing Abner? Are there any band players turned ambassadors or any other local bigwigs? Who are Abner’s friends, and with whom did they prostitute themselves to fund their drug habits? Who is the partner of the person that reported Fr. David to the Facebook administrators in the first place, masquerading the reason behind the report as alleged “Homophobia”?

Indeed, Benedict XVI had warned that in various church institutions, homosexual cliques were firmly established and these acted more or less openly and significantly changed the climate in the church.  Welcome to Malta’s church ... and state ... and News outlets.

Welcome to Joseph Muscat’s Sodom and Gomorrah, with its debauched cliques entrenched in every state – and church - institution.

Father David Muscat being a spiritual man, noticed something more sinister in this case – malefic
influences. A mind opening movie about Abner’s state of mind is the American 1996 blockbuster legal
thriller Primal Fear, directed by Gregory Hoblit, based on William Diehl’s 1993 novel of the same name. It stars Richard Gere as a Chicago defense attorney who believes that his altar boy client, played by Edward Norton, is not guilty of murdering an influential Catholic archbishop.


The story is about Aaron Stampler, a 19-year-old altar boy from Kentucky with a severe stutter who is accused of brutally murdering the beloved Archbishop Rushman. His defence lawyer jumps at the chance to represent the young man, pro bono. During his meeting at the County jail with Stampler, the lawyer comes to believe that his client is innocent. As the trial begins, the defence attorney discovers that the story is complicated because powerful politicians and other bigwigs, including the corrupt state attorney general, lost millions of dollars in real estate business with the church and the bishop was secretly
receiving numerous death threats.

Following a tip from a former altar boy about a videotape involving the bishop, the defence lawyer conducts a search of the Archbishop’s apartment and finds a video tape shot by his Grace himself, showing Aaron being sexually abused with another teenage altar boy and a teenage girl. The lawyer now faces a big dilemma because this evidence would make his client Aaron more sympathetic to the jury, but it would also give him a motive for the archbishop’s murder. Consequently, the defence lawyer confronts his client and accuses him of having lied. Aaron breaks down crying and suddenly, like in a demonic possession, transforms into a new person – a violent sociopath who calls himself ‘’Roy’’ who confesses to the murder and threatens the lawyer.

When this weird incident is over, Aaron once again becomes passive and shy and appears to have no recollection of the personality switch. Aaron is thus subjected to psychiatric analysis by his lawyer, who is convinced that the young man has severe disorders caused by years of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of his father and the bishop. The defense lawyer, however, dismisses the psychiatric report because he knows he cannot enter an insanity plea during an ongoing trial. The defence lawyer thus sets up a
confrontation in court by dropping hints about the bishop’s pederastry, as well as Aaron’s multiple personalities. He also has the abuse tape secretly delivered to the attorney general knowing that she will realize who sent it since she is under intense pressure to secure a guilty verdict at any cost, and will use it as a proof of motive. As the trial reaches its climax, the defence lawyer puts Aaron on the witness stand and gently questions him about the sexual abuse he suffered. He also introduces evidence that the state covered up evidence of the bishop molesting another young man.



 After Aaron was harshly questioned during cross-examination, he suddenly gets demonic again and turns
into ‘‘Roy’’ in open court physically assaulting Miss Venable. He is subdued by the courthouse marshals and rushed back to his cell. Aaron was found not guilty by reason of insanity and was sent to a psychiatric hospital. The attorney general is fired for losing the case and for allowing the bishop’s crimes to be publicly exposed. The defence lawyer visits Aaron in his cell to tell him of the dismissal. Aaron claims to have no recollection of what happened in the courtroom having again ‘’lost time’’. However as the  defence lawyer is leaving, Aaron asks him to ‘’tell Miss Venable I hope her neck is okay,’’ which he could not have been able to remember if he had ‘’lost time’’. The defence lawyer is shocked and confronts his client. Aaron reveals that he had faked the personality disorder and his stuttering, boasting of having murdered the bishop  and destroyed his reputation, as well as his girlfriend. Aaron replies that ‘’there never was an Aaron.’’ Shocked and disheartened, the defence lawyer walks away and leaves, as Aaron
taunts him from his cell. 

Back to our Maltese Aaron Stampler, Abner George Aquilina. Abner’s defence counsels hinted in court that the key to understand Abner Aquilina’s personality disorders is the classic Stanley Kubrick's horror movie A Clockwork Orange. They are wrong, or perhaps want to mislead everyone, including the judge. As explained above, the movie to understand Malta’s Aaron is Primal Fear and not Kubrick’s classic.
If Abner Aquilina’s defence lawyers think that they can outmaneuver Roy (the evil spirit) by cunning actions, they are in for a big surprise. The Devil is far more cunning, and being a liar, he knows how to deceive and he knows how to cheat people, including puffed-up defence lawyers full of pride, in order to humiliate both them and their clients and their government. 

It is only honesty and virtue that can liberate Abner. Perhaps they may well need the services of a Roman Catholic exorcist; certainly not to bring him into court - as demonic possession isn’t a category considered legal in Maltese law. But the defence lawyer needs the exorcist to purify Abner from his ‘’Roy”. In doing so, he will not be humiliated, lose his reputation forever and damn those connected with him politically. He’d better do that quickly for the former will then seek revenge for the defence counsel’s professional incompetence.

So, Father David Muscat was right all along that Abner is a poor chap that suffers from a cocktail of disorders including malefic influences. Let us hope that no conspiracy exists between Abner’s defence counsel, the police and the socialist regime and perhaps the Church.However, in Joseph Muscat’s “paradise”, nothing would shock or surprise us. If this story were to be written as a novel, it would definitely be transformed into a blockbuster movie. There would have been no need to dispatch David Williams to taunt the Maltese people during Malta’s National Film Awards. Maltese Socialist Ministers, and other big heads like Jason Micallef, are so wrong headed, that they did not understand David
Williams’s caustic British humour. They applauded him, despite his mauling them in front
of the Maltese public and the world.

JM: Past, Present, Future

The movie about Abner Aquilina and F.r David Muscat’s saga could be appropriately titled: FROM YOUR HAND I’D EAT ANYTHING. If such a movie is ever made, the image of the Maltese government would be irreparably damaged. Moreover Archbishop Scicluna would lose his promotion in the Vatican, and Pope Francis’ reputation ruined forever.

More to follow; Stay tuned.

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