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Thursday, February 10, 2022


                                     Robert Abela's Continuity Promises  by COSIMO 

The Labour Party in power in the Banana Republic of Malta is so amateurish in everything it does.  The casket of Polish murder victim Paulina Dembska, en route to Warsaw for her funeral via Air Malta, disappeared upon its arrival at Heathrow. Deo Gratias, it was later recovered and shipped out, and a thoroughly Catholic funeral mass presente cadavere, preceded by the praying of the Rosary, was held in Poland.

This is not the first time that the Labour regime has disrespected the dead.  In recent years, Glenn Bedingfield’s Internet trolls – funded by Maltese taxpayers – have insinuated that Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder might have been caused by what they term her “hate speech,” and worse, have even speculated that her son deliberately left her car outside her home for sinister reasons.  

Just one day before the shameful episode of the missing whereabouts of Dembska’s coffin,  Professor Andrew Azzopardi, dean of the Faculty of Social Wellbeing at the University of Malta, writing in the Times of Malta (4 February 2022) indirectly character assassinated Father David Muscat, who was the only priest who was spot on over the alleged murderer’s state of mind when his identity was revealed.  It seems that Joseph Muscat’s tentacles have spread so far that even University academics dance to the Government’s tune.  

Malta’s radical chic academics are now saying that one of the causes of another woman's death, namely Paulina Demsbka, might have arisen due to “religious fundamentalist” hate speech preached either by evangelical cult leaders or by the anti-corruption priest Father David Muscat.  If the judge in Father Muscat’s case is influenced by Prof. Azzopardi’s twisted logic, Father David might receive a term of eighteen months’ imprisonment and a €23,000 fine for allegedly spreading hate speech, thereby linking him in people’s minds with the so-called crime of Femicide.  

If Azzopardi’s banal tirade was uttered by some village idiot, it might be pardonable, but this fellow is nothing less than a university faculty dean who boasts of being the ‘’Voice of the Grassroots’’,  the unifier  of ‘’the efforts of all stakeholders involved’’ and the mender of ‘’unfitting use of language’’. Mon Dieu ! One can just picture this academic, on his return from Oslo with the Nobel Peace Prize, brandished for all to see and admire.

Prof. Azzopardi might be forgiven if he wrote his piece on the same day Dembska’s murder was committed, when nobody knew the alleged murderer’s motive, name (Abner Aquilina) or provenance. This, however, isn’t the case because Azzopardi penned his article after the police had already concluded that the murder was not one of “Femicide,”,when it became clear that Abner was a male prostitute who was desperate for money in order to fuel his drug habit, that his sexual abuse by men started from an early age, and furthermore, that Aquilina has a record of petty crimes. 

Yet, isn’t this what Father David said right from the beginning?  So why are the cultural Marxist academic gurus so eager to see the priest behind bars?  The only person who didn’t change his version on the causes of the murder is Father David Muscat.  In this respect, he was spot on.  Are the leftist oracles upset because this Catholic priest added Demonic Possession - something which the killer himself confessed to - as another possible cause?   This notwithstanding, they used their weight and influence so that on the 4th of March, this courageous priest would be found guilty of hate speech.  Why, and what agenda is the Social Wellbeing faculty fomenting?

One doesn’t need to look very far, given that one the most cited academics in this entity’s degree courses is the French Marxist philosopher, Michel Foucault.  This is the same Foucault who was a proponent of adult-child underage sex and of paedophilia, considering them a form of liberation for both participants.  Foucault actually argued that young children below the age of fifteen could give sexual consent. 

Allmost all the media pundits in Malta who were so quick to call for Father David’s burning at the stake have now fallen into an eerie silence.  This includes the local media outlets, when they realised that Father David might been correct about Abner Aquilina. Even the Archbishop of Malta is now silent.  Perhaps his experience around the world in tackling the homosexual clerical child,  adolescent and adult abuse scandals may have helped him realise that he was too hasty in publicly condemning one of his priests;  indeed His Excellency may have another Ireland situation right under his nose. 

Only two self-styled professors spoke out, immediately, when the whole truth began to surface: one David Pace (a ‘’scientist’’ writing in Illum – which is the Maltese  version of  Pravda), and the said Dean of the Faculty of Social Wellbeing, whose article in the Times of Malta we have alluded to.  In so doing, these two characters appear to confirm their collusion with the socialist state regime and the local church, for as in Latin we say: Excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta.

Indeed, their thesis that the alleged murderer was a victim of religious fundamentalist bigotry may hold a grain or two of truth, but not in the way these so-called experts intended. Yes, Abner Aquilina was a victim of religious indoctrination: that of the homosexual agenda peddled over the past fifty or so years by heretical priests like pro Labour priests like Mark Montebello, bishops and ex-cardinals like Theodore McCarrick. Their mendacious theology has insinuated itself into every fissure in the Catholic church in open defiance of the Church’s immutable social and moral doctrine.  

We don’t know if truth will prevail on the 4th of March when Father David’s “hate speech” case resumes;  The stakes are extremely high.  With Abner Aquilina now back in a psychiatric hospital, any names he mentions of those who abused him sexually will be dismissed in all probability, because he will be considered either schizophrenic or psychotic.  Father David might provide valuable assistance to Abner’s lawyers – if he is called upon to do so - for if the priest knows about the youth’s history of abuse, he might help the defence argue that their client is a victim who was driven to madness.   The Vatican itself has even changed its laws,  to such an extent that whistleblowers regarding such victims are now obliged to give testimony.

However, nothing functions properly in Malta.  Laws are there to remain unimplemented, especially if they incriminate Malta’s Pezzi da novanta. For all intents and purposes, Malta has become a Mafia state where Omerta rules.  Consequently, nobody can be trusted, because Joseph Muscat’s cancer has penetrated everywhere.

However, like Joseph Muscat, Prof. Azzopardi is such a dilettante that he didn’t realise that with just one article, he revealed a nefarious agenda.  Echoing  Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’s ‘’Workers of the world, unite’’ Azzopardi wrote ‘’entities working separately is not a good omen.  Strength lies in the collective’’.

‘’It is from the fullness of the heart that the mouth speaks’’ (Matthew 12, 34). Accordingly, here follows the salient piece in the Azzopardi ideological agenda: “Preventing all forms of violence against women requires the engagement of all segments of society, most especially the sustained participation of MEN AND BOYS as partners in building more respectful relationships throughout our Maltese society.”

This “Freudian slip” of a quote could have come directly from a Belami Online Porn Video.  It certainly coincides with Joseph Muscat’s vision of modern, bohemian, cosmopolitan Malta.  Furthermore, such a quote could have originated directly from the writings of another Andrew, the notorious American Andy Warhol, whose New York studio, The Factory, became a well-known gathering place for liberal intellectuals, drag queens, playwrights, hedonistic musicians, Bohemian street people, Hollywood celebrities and wealthy patrons;  Just swap The Factory with The Faculty.

The American Andrew authored numerous books, including The Philosophy of Andy Warhol, and Popism: The Warhol Sixties.  He lived openly as a gay man before the gay “liberation” movement exploded onto the scene. The only difference with the Maltese Andy is that the American was almost killed in June 1968 by the radical feminist Valerie Solanas who shot him in his studio.  But the Maltese Warhol clearly seems to have allied himself with Malta’s radical feminists and embraced the radical feminist agenda with his ridiculous attacks against patriarchal societies, no more no less.   

With just one paragraph, this high priest of the NGO nabobs that gathered outside the Police Headquarters (to protest against the police findings in the Dembska murder case and proclaim radical feminist mantras) revealed the intentions of the morally bankrupt state of Malta where Joseph Muscat still pulls the strings.  This is Ireland all over again, with Joseph Muscat being the prime actor, as his dirty money enabled him to infiltrate all segments of Maltese society. 

There is one priest who was not lured by Joseph Muscat’s devilry.  Father David was abandoned by his church, especially by a bishop that is sent by the Pope on special missions to lecture our American Roman Catholic bishops how to safeguard kids  from sexual abuse.  And yet, Father David was publicly condemned by this prelate, merely for arguing with a Facebook friend that a young, vulnerable former altar boy who is a drug addict, and barely legal, had his mind and soul warped by dabbling in the occult, mixed with extreme gay culture. Then up pops Prof. Azzopardi‘s cultural Marxist “diagnosis”.  The same Andrew Azzopardi who pontificates regularly on the Maltese Church Radio – God only knows why - that supposedly is its heart! 

Meanwhile, the rest of the Maltese media maintain a morbid silence, clearly unwilling to defend this lone priest, under the banal pretext of his rotten compromise with a far right political party.  Those genuinely in the know are aware that Father Muscat only did so as he was fed up with the so-called mainstream political parties that have proven to be mere photocopies of each other. This is scandalous; However, this intrepid but naive Catholic priest thinks he can win this battle just by praying the Rosary and singing in Latin.  His church, under the Government’s pressure,  will probably manipulate the Pope visit’s to Malta against him by dancing to Castille’s tune and spread the lie that this priest wants immigrants to drown in the Mediterranean Sea. Father David is terribly alone. Dear Andy “Warhol” Azzopardi, the ball is now in the court of Fr. David’s friends – the Americans. More to come

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