Thursday, February 10, 2022


Joseph Muscat Makes a Comeback by COSIMO

Guess who mismanaged the clerical sex abuse investigations during the pontificate of Benedict XVI?  The Maltese Archbishop Charles Scicluna, the friend of the Maltese Socialist government. He was the Vatican man in charge of policing the Catholic Church.  He might have fooled Ratzinger that he is a loyal friend and the defender of the church, of teenagers, altar boys, and seminarians, by the actions he took against Father Maciel of the Legionaries of Christ.  But what about the rest?  Now the good old retired Pope is suffering because of Scicluna's mismanagement ... probably driven by Scicluna's dodgy theology about the link between lgbtq theology and clerical sex abuse. (See link below)

Will Pope Francis be the next one to fall from grace after Ratzinger?  Will Scicluna try to fool Bergoglio by playing, with the Maltese Socialists,  the pro-immigration card when everybody knows that the Maltese authorities secretly leave migrants to drown in the sea? Joseph Muscat once swapped Maltese oil exploration rights just to get rid of boat people.  Ask the Italians about the Maltese hypocrisy on immigration.  Stay Tuned.

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